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James Hale23 Jan 2022

There are several advantages that you will get from a combination cable modem and wireless router a.k.a “Combo” unit over separate devices. The modem router combo can help you to handles both tasks between organize your home network via router and connect you to the Internet via ISP using cable modem. Using this unit means that the installation process will be simpler, the configuration will be easier, more efficient space in your room and of course you will have no compatibility issues. Once this modem router installed perfectly on your home or office, you can connect all your wireless-enabled devices like smartphones, tablet PCs, notebook to the internet easily and simultaneously at the same time.

5 Best Cable Modem Wireless Routers

1. NETGEAR N600 Modem Router (C3700)

NETGEAR N600 (C3700) has been equipped with the next generation of DOCSIS, 3.0 technology delivers 8x faster speeds with download speed up to 340Mbps. It is compatible with various US-based internet service providers like Charter, TWC, Comcast, etc. Also you can use NETGEAR genie application that can help you to install the device, then manage and monitor your network easily. Easy to setup for mobile devices from iPhone, iPad, Android tablets, smartphones, and computers.

2. NETGEAR N300 (C3000)

If you want to eleminate monthly fees for cable modem rental, you should consider to have your own modem. The NETGEAR N300 modem router can delivers reliable speed to handle all your online activities, download speed reaches 340Mbps so it will be a great modem for streaming high-definition videos, download faster and high speed gaming online. It also comes with Gigabit Ethernet Port and you can use it for fast wired connections and its USB port can be used to share your hard drive wirelessly.

3. ARRIS / Motorola SURFboard SBG6580

Another great cable modem wireless router by Arris, the SURFboard SBG6580 that has been equipped with DOCSIS 3.0 technology. Download/Upload speed up to 343Mbps/131 Mbps (depends on your ISP). It comes Gigabit wired router ports that give you incredible wired network speeds. Now you can enhance your gaming experience, stream favorite videos without lag, etc. Setup is simple and fast using Motorola’s setup wizard.

This TP Link product is an All-in-one device where it has 4 different functions, ADSL2+ Modem, N600 Dual Band Router, a 4-Port Gigabit port and also 2 USB ports. Have this device means you save more money, no need to buy separate devices! It’s great for home use where the downstream can reaches 24Mbps. It can runs on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands at the same time and each band with 300Mbps. Its Four Ethernet ports can be used for your Printer, smartTV, Network attached storage (NAS), etc.

5. Zoom DOCSIS 3.0 (5352)

The Zoom 5352 combines between cable modem (344Mbps) and Wireless-N-router (300Mbps) and 4 ports for gigabit ethernet connection. Zoom said that, this product is simple yet easy to use, the manufacturer also includes dual external antennas and 2×2 MIMO so that the performance of wireless router can be maximized. For wired connections to your PC, TVs, AV receivers, etc you can take advantage from its four-port Gigabit ports (placed on the back panel). For security features, the router has advanced firewall and wireless security as well as support both IPv4&6 connections.

Advantages of Cable Modem Router

– One Device

As we have mentioned above, you can save more space and will be easier to store because it’s a single device (2 functions is packed into one product). Using this single unit will reduce the use of data cables for your network setup and connect you to the world wide web (Internet). You also don’t need Ethernet cable to make the router and cable modem to communicate to each other to work because this Combo unit usually powered by AC adapter so it will eliminate a power cable.

– Automatic Configuration and Compatibility

The configuration and compatibility will be much easier in comparison of using separate modem and router device. With this unit, you only have to setup one device and installation can be completed within minutes. It will speeds up the connection process because the communicate between routers and modem will occur instantly. Just like our own cable modem router, when modem connect to the internet, LED for wireless router also turn on automatically which indicates all our wireless devices can use modem connection to connect to the Internet. In addition, a combo unit will ensure router and modem can work together & they won’t have any compatibility issues as usually can be found in separate unit.

– Troubleshooting

When you have problem with the modem router combo, troubleshooting will be easier than when you have to work with individual units. Setup time more quickly, typically troubleshooting for modem & router, you will reset each modem and router then wait them for reboot individually, complete the signal and readjust to each other. But with a combo device, all you have to do is reset it then the device will work as usual, up and running faster. You can also contact product customer support to ask the solution.

Also you can get fast support from Internet service provider in case you have problem with your Internet connection and they might be able to solve your problems as quick as possible. If you only buy a cable modem, your internet provider can’t help you when your wireless router is not work. (Tips : Find a combo product that is approved by your ISP)

– Wireless

Another advantage from a modem router combo is about its wireless connectivity. You can build a network using a wired router, but today wireless network has been used everywhere, for home or office use. Why?? because the ease of use and simple to setup, this wireless combo unit also can make all your devices connect to the Internet without any cable at all. Enjoy online content like watch movie HD streaming on Youtube, surfing on the web, download or upload files directly from your devices.

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