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James Hale21 Jan 2022

When you are subscribe with Time Warner Cable (TWC) internet service, you will have the options of rent a cable modem or buy the best one for your own from your favorite online store.

The advantages if you plan to rent a modem are, you will get full technical support from TWC and you will also get the right equipment for your Internet service plan as well as the speed you need. Meanwhile for disadvantages, you will need to pay monthly rental fee, currently priced at $8 per month and all equipment will be returned to TWC if sometime you cancer their Internet services. For example, If you subscribe for one year Internet to Time Warner, it’s mean you will spent at least $8x12month = $96/year just for modem rent fees.

The best option is, you buy your own modem at your favorite online or in-store. If you visit Amazon or other online stores, the price of approved cable modem for TWC is between $50 and $150. This cable modem will be yours and you do not need to pay rent fees to TWC every month.

The following are some of the best cable modems for Time Warner on the market. FYI, these cable modems have been equipped with DOCSIS 3.0 technology.

1. ARRIS / Motorola SurfBoard SB6121

This is one of the most popular cable modem in the world. By using this product, you will get download speed up t0 172 Mbps and up to 131 Mbps of upload speed. Yes, it fast and perfect for HD streaming video or multiplayer online game.

2. ARRIS / Motorola SurfBoard SB6141

Yet another great cable modem for Motorola, this is the successor of SB6121 modem and can deliver faster internet speed than product No.1. The speed of this SB6141 are download/upload : 343Mbps/131Mbps. So, want to enjoy TV shows, movie streaming without lag?? You can consider to buy this one.

3. Netgear N300 C3000

This is a Combo product, WiFi modem router. It’s mean you can also share your Internet connection to other wireless-enabled devices like smartphones, tablet PCs, etc. Speed of download reaches 340Mbps, make it perfect for faster download, high speed gaming, etc.

4. Netgear CM500-100NAS

This cable modem is certified for Comcast & Time Warner customers and delivers impressive Internet access of up to 680Mbps. It comes with Gigabit Ethernet port for standard network cable & WAN connection. An ideal choice for streaming HD or 4K video.

5. Zoom 5341

This cable modem allow you to plugs into Ethernet port so other device like your PC (Windows/Mac) and router (Wired/Wireless) can connect to this router. Download speed is about 343Mbps while for download, it is up to 143Mbps.

That’s it. If you want to find other Approved modems by Time Warner Cable, you can visit TWC official website here.

James Hale

James Hale

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