The Fascinating Story of Who Invented Routers

James Hale16 Nov 2022

Routers are a foundational component of the modern digital world and have been used for decades by businesses, homes, and schools to connect devices across networks. Despite their ubiquity in today's tech landscape, few people know about the history behind these indispensable tools. The story of how routers were invented is remarkable—one that spans multiple continents and inventors working in different fields who all played a part in making this technology what it is today. In this series of blog posts we will explore the fascinating tale of router invention from its roots up until current-day implementations.

Routers are prolific tools used in homes and businesses all over the world, but many people don't realize that these essential devices have an interesting history. Believe it or not, routers were invented way back in 1974 by a team of computer scientists at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). This groundbreaking invention forever changed the landscape of computers as we know them today and continues to shape our digital future. Join us on this blog post to find out more about the fascinating story behind who invented routers!

The Rise of Networking and the Need for Routers

As technology has advanced over the years, so too have our means to connect with each other. Networking became very important in order for us to share data and resources quickly and efficiently. With this rise of computers being connected together came the need for routers, devices that direct traffic between networks or computers. But who invented these indispensable devices? It's a fascinating story!

The First Router Patent

The story of the invention of routers is an interesting one. In 1974, a man named Leonard Kleinrock was granted the first router patent. He had been working on networking technology since 1961 and his idea to link computers together would eventually lead to what we now call routers. While he wasn't the only person who developed these technologies at that time, it was his expansive research that led him to invent something called packet switching which enabled two computers or systems to connect with each other over long distances – essentially making up today’s internet infrastructure as we know it! His original design for routers ended up being licensed by many companies including DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) in 1975 where improvements were made and this helped revolutionize computer networks around the world - creating something truly fascinating out of merely an idea all those years ago

Introducing the Cisco Router

In 1984, the world of networking changed forever when an incredible invention was put into production by Cisco. The first router, called "The Multi-Protocol Router" (MPR), revolutionized how networks were built and managed - it was the birth of advanced network routing! Taking data packets from one source to another had never been so simple or efficient before this revolutionary device. This groundbreaking piece of technology quickly grew in popularity and is now used as a backbone for much modern internet infrastructure around the world today.


The story of who invented routers is an integral piece in understanding the history of communications in today's world. The invention and development of this technology has been a collective effort by many different people, companies, and organizations over several decades. While it may be impossible to truly pinpoint one single inventor or innovator responsible for bringing us modern-day routers, there can no longer be any doubt that they have enabled communication advances beyond what we could ever imagine when their journey began. We are forever indebted to everyone involved in the fascinating story behind router innovation throughout history!

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