How To Configure Router To Use WPA2?

James Hale20 Mar 2022

Wi-Fi network security is important, but most people don't know how to do it right. They let the settings stay at their default until something terrible happens. Usually, by then it’s too late! But if you're smart about these things and use a VPN on your phone or laptop when signing up for an open Wi-Fi hotspot (or any internet connection), then no matter what type of device you have, you can be safe while browsing online from public places like coffee shops, etc. But, how to configure the router to use WPA2. The following information will help ensure that not only are you enjoying peace in today’s busy world.

Wi-Fi security evolution

Wireless networking is a fantastic way to get online from all corners of your home or office. When setting up this system, You have two options for security:

  • open encryption with no protection (which means anyone could access what's being shared), and
  • secure connections that are only accessible by those who know how they work--perfect if privacy matters!

There’s a reason why WEP is no longer used. It's so outdated and insecure. Likewise, hackers have managed to crack it within just a few months of trying! Don't worry though - there are plenty more modern protocols such as Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) or Wireless Security through which you can protect your network devices. Hackers found ways to break through TKIP, so you can use WPA2. This new encryption protocol is more secure but doesn't offer as much protection for casual users. Those users just want a simple connection that works most times without hassle. It means they're still vulnerable in some situations where stronger security would be helpful (like when browsing online).

What Are The Advantages Of Choosing The WPA2 Protocol?

Think of your router as the engine that powers your Wi-Fi connection. If it’s an old car with a lot of mileage on its odometer, then WPA will only allow access for certain devices. Why? because they don't have enough energy in them anymore and must use up some resources from other more critical systems. For instance, updating software or replacing parts, if necessary, before being taken out into public consumption again (i e: upgrading). Enabling this feature could cause problems down the road. Therefore, make sure any chains involved are strong links rather than weak ones!

How do you configure your router to use the WPA2 protocol?

To change the network security settings on your router, you’ll need to access the Admin panel (also known as a console). The instructions for doing so may vary depending upon what kind of device you're using - but fortunately, there's always Internet Explorer! A lot can happen when browsing with confidence. Such as,

  • Protecting yourself from online fraudsters and hackers while keeping personal data safe.
  • Gaining peace in knowing that someone else isn't viewing our private moments without permission.

When you find the default IP address and administrator username, open any internet browser on a device connected to your router. Type in "*" (the asterisk symbol) as the URL address for this page so that it will not ask for any password. When accessed via web browsers like Chrome or Firefox; then go ahead and enter those details from memory! When it comes to finding the right option in regards to wireless security, make sure that you're clear on what kind of device or algorithm is being used. This will help guide your search and ensure everything works smoothly with no error messages popping up when trying to change settings like widths etc. A lot can depend upon whether this feature has already been installed onto one's computer before purchasing additional products from other companies - so do some research first! Home and small office networks should use PSK because it does not require an authentication server. However, if you have a device that was made before 2006 then try enabling both WPA2 protocols as well as older encryption techniques like Keys/AES for increased security.


Wi-Fi networks are prone to hackers who want to access your personal information, steal resources like accounts and assets. To avoid this, you should set up a secure WPA2 compatible network with the highest functional level of security-enabled through protocols. Such as AES which presents an excellent compromise between protection against malicious software. While still allowing compatibility across all platforms. It is since they were introduced in 2006 after patent issues arose with older generations' encryption solutions liked Linksys E2500 Smart WIFI Router.

Steps To Do It

Here's How To Configure Router To Use WPA2

Locate and configure the IP of the NAS that will have the RADIUS server

Firstly, you need to know the private IP address of our NAS server so that you can enter it during wireless network configuration. It's highly recommended you never change this number since doing so would break everything! If option 1 (Put fixed ones) isn't possible or desirable then there are two other options:

  • Configuring routers with static DHCP settings always gives them a specific starting point where they will stay at all times.
  • If someone else has access to your home WiFi connection credentials. Then he/she could use those instead but please be careful about who gets permission for entering their own

Configure The Free RADIUS Server

Using FreeRADIUS, the software par excellence to configure a server with very advanced options and it works well. A key feature of this tool is that you can use different types of authentication methods, which makes things easier for those who need more flexibility in their network access needs! This also means compatibility across operating systems since QNAP NASes work equally as well on both platforms (macOS & Linux).

Connect Android Smartphone To Wifi With WPA2-Enterprise

Wi-Fi connections in Android smartphones (including a few ins and outs) are much easier than they would be on a Windows operating system. All you have to do is

  • Click the WIFI network, and then select "add."
  • A window will appear where different configuration options can be filled out with necessary information such as EAP method (PEAP), phase 2 authentication type MSCHAPv2 certificate ca password that must not validate.
  • In order for this process to work best enter your username exactly how it appears when registering online.

That was it on how to configure the router to use WPA2. We hope you find this article helpful.

James Hale

James Hale

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