Discovering Creative Ways to Reuse Old Internet Routers

James Hale26 Dec 2022

Reusing old routers can be a great way to get creative and have fun while also helping the environment. Upcycling--or creating something more valuable from waste materials--is becoming increasingly popular, so it’s no surprise that people are starting to think of new and inventive ways to reuse their dead internet routers. From turning them into signal boosters or extending your network range, there are dozens of projects you can do with an old router. Whether you're a beginner or an expert DIYer looking for your next project, this blog post will explore how you can repurpose those neglected internet devices in unique and useful ways!

Introduction to Reusing Old Routers

Reusing old routers is a great way to be both cost effective and environmentally friendly. Not only can you save money on buying a new router, but you can also create something unique with your old device that may not have been possible with the original hardware. With the right approach and some creativity, you can find ways of repurposing an outdated or discarded internet router into something completely different! In this blog post, we will explore all the possibilities of reusing an obsolete internet router in creative ways. We’ll discuss how to safely take apart your existing unit and what alternative uses could be most beneficial for it—including using it as part of home automation projects such as smart lighting systems or streaming music services like Spotify. So let's get started by diving into understanding more about reusing our beloved tech devices!

How to Setup a Wireless Extender

Setting up a wireless extender with an old router can be a great way to extend your current network and get more out of your existing resources. With a few simple steps, you can take the same hardware used for basic internet access in another room or area of the house and turn it into an extended range WiFi hotspot. All you need is two routers; one that will act as the main ‘host’ router, connected to cable/fibre broadband (or other type) for supplying internet connectivity, then another older model acting as slave repeater. Setting up this second unit should be easy enough - if you have software from manufacturer like TP Link or Cisco Linksys etc., just follow their instructions on using wireless mode bridging. However even without such manufacturer support there are ways of doing this by manipulating IP addresses directly in each router's setup page within web interface instead – but only do so if you confident about what settings changes to make and how those could impact network security / performance afterwards!

How to Create a Local Area Network

Creating a local area network (LAN) from your home or office gives you the ability to connect multiple devices and users together, enabling file sharing, communication, video streaming and so much more. While some people may opt for purchasing all new equipment to create their LAN network setup, others look for creative ways of reusing old internet routers that are lying around in order to save money. Using an older model router is actually quite simple: simply power it up with a compatible wireless card installed inside the device! Doing this can allow you full access to the router’s settings which will allow you tweak its Wi-Fi range as well as set up password protection if desired. There are many online tutorials available online showing exactly how simple configuring an existing internet router into a functional Local Area Network really is – it just takes time and patience!

Home Automation and Network Security with Old Routers

Home automation and network security are two concepts that can be combined with the help of an old router. Reusing your old routers in creative ways can make life easier by giving you better control over home networking systems and household electronics, as well as improving the overall security of your devices connected to a wireless or local area network. You don’t need expensive software or technology to begin integrating these features into your home - simply repurpose one or more used routers for some great benefits! Read on to learn about how easy it is to set up various automated processes like tailored access controls, parental monitoring tools, energy optimization features and even data loggers - all through cleverly recycled hardware!

Creating a Home Media Server with an Old Router

Do you have an old router lying around unused in the back of a cupboard? Have you been wondering what to do with it and how best to put it to use? A great way to get some extra benefit out of your outdated device is by turning it into a home media server! You can do this easily yourself, or even buy one already set up. With a home media server, you will be able to access all of your favorite movies and shows no matter where you are - simply connect via Wi-Fi or another network service provider. This enables streaming directly from any compatible device like computers, phones & tablets – practically anywhere in the world. By taking advantage of that old piece of equipment collecting dust in your house, not only will it save money but also provide additional convenience for those looking for an easy solution entertainment needs at home!

Conclusions and Final Thoughts

Reusing old internet routers, rather than simply throwing them away after you’ve upgraded to a newer model, can be an exciting and creative experience. Finding ways to incorporate older technology into our lives in fresh new ways can help keep us open-minded about what’s possible with the world of tech around us. Whether it’s using a router as a home media server or repurposing one for educational purposes, there are plenty of inventive uses out there waiting to be discovered! For those who like tinkering and exploring the potential capabilities of their existing technologies may find themselves surprised at what they come up with when finding alternative uses for their obsolete hardware devices.


As we've learned in this post, there are many creative ways that old internet routers can be reused. Everyone from hobbyists to tech professionals have found new and exciting projects for their retired hardware. Whether used as a secondary router or upcycled into an environmental sensor, the possibilities are endless! With some research and creativity it's easy to find imaginative uses for old technology instead of simply throwing it out. Ultimately with a little extra effort you may even discover entirely new applications for your pre-owned router beyond what has been discussed here today!

James Hale

James Hale

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